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Freitag, 7. August 2020

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Testament is an artist-based label, not restricted to any particular period of recording history, and its releases are selected from the archives of some of the largest record companies and radio stations in the world. With the permission and cooperation of these companies and stations.

Testament releases previously unpublished and deleted recordings from their archives, using their original master tapes and 78rpm metal parts for CD remastering. Testament also has access to their extensive photographic archives and comprehensive research facilities. Testament is thus in a unique position and one that is enjoyed by no other independent record company specialising in the reissue of archive recordings.

Testament LP's are cut onto lacquer from the original master tapes at Abbey Road Studios using full analogue techniques throughout production an pressed onto 180g virgin vinyl.


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Leopold Kozeluch: Piano Trio P.IX:12 in F major - Rondeau. Allegretto

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Edlira Priftuli im Portrait "Musikalisch praktizierte Ökumene"
Edlira Priftuli hat den Straßburger Wilhelmerchor zur historisch informierten Aufführungspraxis geführt

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