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Sometimes labels appear, offering to the listener more than both standard repertoire and romantic masterpieces. The Belgian CLASSIC TALENT label and its founder Ronald Dom belongs to the group of pioneers.

In 1968 Dom started as assistant-label-manager Classic with EMI. He contracted some famous belgian musicians who worked one year on ready-to-record material which was complementary to the international EMI catalogue. The year after the market slumped and EMI withdrew the project. Dom felt himself so responsible that he invited the musicians to record on his own initiative and expenses. Half of the musicians jumped into the sea with him.

1987 the first production came out. For Dom a production is like the birth and the growth of a child . "After the conception, whereas you have to look after the most ideal record circumstances, follows the birth: the record is ready. Then you take care of a nice clothing (jacket and booklet), you give it the best chances through good promotion and at last you let it go its own way."
Everybody is as important as well, but the first who has given her confidence to the new label, was the great violinist Lola Bobesco and her recording of the Viotti violin concertos 22 and 23 is still the bestseller of the catalogue. The last years Talent Records edited recordings with Philippe Herreweghe, Daniele Callegari, Hans Rotman, Marc Soustrot, Marco Guidarini, Wolfgang Meyer, André de Groote, Viviane Spanoghe, Quirine Viersen and since two years we are setting up a series of singer portraits with upcoming and confirmed voices , all singing forgotten French opera repertoir. The Talent catalogue includes 125 productions, which are each year extended with 6 new releases. In the course of 2005-2007 several "world premiere" recordings came out, such as Ernst Toch, Georges Enesco, Charles de Beriot, Henri Vieuxtemps, Vainberg etc.


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Der Klarinettist Nicolai Pfeffer im Gespräch mit klassik.com.

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