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ANALEKTA is a Greek word which can be translated as "a collection of the finest works". Since the inception of the company in 1988, founder and President Mario Labbé and his team of dedicated people have worked diligently to represent its corporate name.
ANALEKTA has become the largest independent classical record company in Canada. Being the recipient of many distinguished prizes, notably for the quality of its recordings and the rigorous musicianship of its artists, ANALEKTA has earned a reputation of excellence on the international music scene. The company is now considered a benchmark within the Canadian music industry and a true gem of Canadian culture.
The Quebec recording company specializing in classical music, ANALEKTA was founded with the goal of becoming one of Canada's leading record labels. The driving force behind the label has always been its musicians, exceptional artists who would become ANALEKTA's guarantee of excellence. Over the years, the label has therefore developed an association with the country's finest musicians and musical organizations. ANALEKTA's recordings equal fine interpretations, originality and excellence.
Each year, ANALEKTA releases no less than 30 classical recordings featuring the greatest Canadian musicians. Over the years, ANALEKTA has produced over 350 titles with more than 200 artists. The level of excellence of its artists, combined with the determination of its management and its entire team have created an enviable reputation and a first-rate image for the company, both at home and abroad.
Though its focus remains classical music, ANALEKTA continues to seek new talent and promote Canadian musicians. Embracing a new array of genres to widen its musical horizons, ANALEKTA's catalogue now includes World Music, jazz and movie soundtracks, making music accessible to music aficionados with eclectic taste.
ANALEKTA's 'selection of the finest works' featuring the finest Canadian musicians continues to flourish. More than ever, ANALEKTA's name is synonymous with excellence.


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