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Sonntag, 15. Juli 2018

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Signum Records is fuelled by the passion to produce great music recorded with integrity and creativity at the highest level.

Signum is a privately-owned and steadily-growing record label that benefits from the commitment and services of its sister company, Floating Earth, the leading production and engineering specialist service provider in Europe.

Having started the label in 1997 Signum now boasts a catalogue of nearly 150 titles and many of which are award winners, nominees or five star review recipients from around the world.

The small Signum team strives to provide a first class service at all times with clients, artists, suppliers and colleagues. Signum works with new and emerging artists and composers through to established artists, making available much-loved areas of repertoire as well as previously unheard, innovative recordings.


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Giovanni Sgambati: Symphony No.2 in E flat major - Allegro vivace assai

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