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Sonntag, 2. April 2023

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Immortal Performances returns with new CD releases, this time on its own label. This Canadian-based, federally chartered, non-profit archive has gathered a huge number of historic broadcasts gathered over a 50-year period. Their first 48 albums were released by Naxos, followed with 53 albums by Guild Music. Both companies originally formed their Historical label series in order to release Immortal Performances? restorations. Immortal Performances has spent the past three years searching for the original and finest sources of many historic broadcasts. It has now assembled 48 CD albums of exceptional importance that it proposes to release, the first 8 sets of which are available now. These albums offer the finest sound in the historic-era genre and include extensive notes about the singers, the performance and composer, with biographies and rare production photos. Immortal Performances will continue releasing complete Toscanini broadcasts (1935-1954), exciting recordings from the Metropolitan Opera and European Opera Houses, the Russian Legacy as well as operatic broadcasts in association with Busch Brüder Archiv in Germany and the National Library of Canada. Richard Caniell, its archivist and chief guiding light says, ?I hope our forthcoming releases will corroborate our logos, The Ultimate in Historic Broadcast Recordings.?


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Ignaz Joseph Pleyel: String Quartet Ben 341 in C minor - Moderato

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Der Klarinettist Nicolai Pfeffer im Gespräch mit klassik.com.

"Auf der Klarinette den Sänger spielen, das ist einfach cool!"
Der Klarinettist Nicolai Pfeffer im Gespräch mit klassik.com.

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