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Kees Boeke and Jill Feldman founded Olive Music out of a desire to record repertoire that was, perhaps, less interesting to the mainstream labels. Both musicians had each already recorded more than 50 Cds with various companies, but they found themselves with projects piling up that needed to be realized.

Kees produced, edited, and served as artistic director for the recordings. His interests revolved around music of the 14th century, contemporary music, and music for his main instrument, the recorder. The first two Olive Music productions, realized in 2003, reflect exactly that: : Monografia, compositions for recorders written by Kees Boeke, and Trecento, a two voice medieval program for soprano & recorder or medieval fiddle. Jill realized three solo recitals for the new label: Ténèbres, (Charpentier, Delalande, Couperin) , Pianger di dolcezza (17c Italian monodia), and Songs of Charles Ives.

Fellow musicians expressed interest in recording for the new label. Solo recitals for gamba, recorder, and harpsichord were recorded. Ensembles joined in, such as the recorder trio Rayuela, the viol consort Concerto delle Viole, the medieval ensemble Santenay, the baroque instrumental ensemble Daimonion and the contemporary ensemble Prime. Then followed an ambitious recording of the complete Beethoven sonatas for violin and piano.

In 2006, Olive Music embarked on a research project of 14th century music from the Italian Squarcialupi manuscript. The ensemble Tetraktys, directed by Kees Boeke, including singers and instrumentalists specializing in medieval repertoire, was born. Kees continued his research with Tetraktys projects of music from the Chantilly Codex, de Tristesse, de deuil, de desplaysance from the Oxford Canonici Ms, and music from the Johannes Heer Songbook.

In the year 2008, Olive Music merged with the Et'cetera label, and continues to produce Cds with Kees Boeke as its artistic director, producer, and editor.


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