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Donnerstag, 30. März 2017

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Remarkable projects: COBRA RECORDS is always looking for remarkable projects performed by young talent and/or internationally well known musicians and special ensembles, domestically and abroad. Enthusiasm, ambition, open-minded, sense of quality, cooperation and flexibility are our keywords. Remarkable can be defined as groundbreaking, innovative, but also sublime performance of the "main repertoire". Looking for everyone's highest quality we create all conditions to achieve a special production. This all starts with discussing repertoire, planning, choosing acoustical location. Each musician gets complete artistic freedom and all the support to achieve highest expression.

Audiophile quality: All productions are recorded in native DSD. This recording format has a sample rate which is at least 64 times higher then a CD. The recordings are made in three different styles: Stereo, Surround and Binaural.

Artwork, Video: Much attention for a special look is given to optimal design and video.

Fair Trade: COBRA RECORDS is a fair trade label. Together with musicians we invest in new productions. This is for both parties a healthy mechanism that forces combining efforts for maximum publicity. COBRA RECORDS attaches great importance to a broad collaboration with musicians, composers, concert halls, artist management and media.

Distribution: Our productions are physically distributed worldwide on CD and as download in more than 100 countries in stores like iTunes, Google Play, Sony Music, Qobuz and Spotify.


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SWR: Abo 7  (Live-Stream)


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Johann Christoph Graupner: Erzittre, toll und freche Welt, GWV 1120/41 - Aria: Erweicht, ihr harten Sünderherzen (Bass)

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 Ensemble Armoniosa im Portrait "Unser Ensemble ist geprägt von wirklicher Harmonie"
Das Ensemble Armoniosa über seine neue CD, Historische Aufführungspraxis, gemeinsame Essen, selbstgebaute Instrumente und Musik im Internet.

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