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Founded in 1980, Hyperion is an independent British classical label devoted to presenting high-quality recordings of music of all styles and from all periods from the twelfth century to the twenty-first. We have been described as 'Britain’s brightest record label'. In January 1996 we were presented with the Best Label Award by MIDEM's Cannes Classiques Awards. The jury was made up of the editors of most of the leading classical CD magazines in the world - Classic CD (England), Soundscapes (Australia), Répertoire (France), FonoForum (Germany), Luister (Holland), Musica (Italy), Scherzo (Spain), and In Tune (USA & Japan).

We named our label after an altogether splendid figure from Greek mythology. Hyperion was one of the Titans, and the father of the sun and the moon - and also of the Muses, so we feel we are fulfilling his modern role by giving the art of music to the world.

The repertoire available on Hyperion, and its subsidiary label Helios (Helios, the sun, was the son of Hyperion), ranges over the entire spectrum of music - sacred and secular, choral and solo vocal, orchestral, chamber and instrumental - and much of it is unique to Hyperion. The catalogue currently comprises nearly 1400 CDs and approximately 80 new titles are issued each year. We have won many awards.

Our records are easily available throughout the world in those countries served by our distributors. A list of the world's top Hyperion dealers, listed by country and city, can be found on our homepage. But if you have any difficulty please get in touch with the distributor in your territory. In Germany that is Note 1 Music Gmbh.


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Henri Bertini: Grand Trio op.43 in A major - Rondo. Allegro

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Der Pianist und Organist Aurel Davidiuk im Gespräch mit klassik.com.

"Man muss das Ziel kennen, bevor man zur ersten Probe erscheint."
Der Pianist und Organist Aurel Davidiuk im Gespräch mit klassik.com.

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