17.01.2020, 18:14 Uhr:
RT @TamsinWaleyCohe: This was SO much fun - have a listen! @SignumRecords

17.01.2020, 11:08 Uhr:
RT @GabrieliCandP: We're delighted to announce that Purcell King Arthur 1691 - our latest release on @SignumRecords - has been nominated f?

17.01.2020, 10:00 Uhr:
Out today! The Pacific Lutheran Choir of the West with 'There Will Come Soft Rains.' A recording featuring the mus?

15.01.2020, 16:21 Uhr:
RT @kingssingers: O, chý, chý mi na morbheanna ? a wonderful new arrangement by @jamesmacm for FindingHarmony released today on @AppleMusi?

13.01.2020, 16:51 Uhr:
RT @kingssingers: A little trailer for FindingHarmony, which is coming on 31 Jan from @SignumRecords - the music is from the opening track?

13.01.2020, 12:23 Uhr:
A record exploring how art relates to the context of war, but also how it is affected by it. Hear?

11.01.2020, 11:00 Uhr:
Happy birthday to Maurice DuruflÚ! The French composer was born on this day in 1902. To celebrate, why not have a?

10.01.2020, 11:41 Uhr:
RT @ArmonicoConsort: Following our collaboration in 2019, our AC Academy choirs will once again join the world?s most famous vocal ensemble?

10.01.2020, 11:37 Uhr:
RT @SDesbruslais: I've just finished recording for the @BBCRadio3 Early Music Show with marvelous @hannahcfrench at the @OxMusicFaculty Bat?

09.01.2020, 16:28 Uhr:
RT @PremierClassica: "In some ways the drama makes it quite accessible and appealing ? the visual aspect as much as the music itself" An i?