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Freitag, 7. August 2020

The Cloud of Unknowing


The Cloud of Unknowing

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Titel: The Cloud of Unknowing
Kurz-Info: Francis Pott
Medium: CD
Label, Qualität, Aufnahme: Signum, DDD, 2007
Beschreibung: Künstler: James Gilchrist (Tenor), Jeremy Filsell (Orgel), Vasari Singers, Jeremy Backhouse
Track-Informationen: Prologue
There where the sun first dwelt
Lord, thou hast been our refuge
Now, as though God were sighing
There where the sun first dwelt (Reprise)
I was in the spirit on the Lord's day
And there went out another horse that was red
The cities are burned and consumed from the earth
For a nation is come up
All faces shall gather blackness
They that hate me without a cause
Divided sons, fight on
Behold a pale horse
Blessed be he that taketh their children
Dark earth, dark heavens... - Interlude
Yesterday I was at work teaching Chris to lift his cross
The Lord is my sheperd
For those men night was a more bitter day
My God, why hast thou forsaken me?
O do not look
Is this He that was transfigured
There they lie huddled
Epilogue: Clear sight shall never man have
For in the other life
In one little time may heaven be won and lost
Farewell, ghostly friend
The love in him was such
Preis: 25,99 EUR
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