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Titel: Purcell-Realizations
Kurz-Info: Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)
Medium: CD
Label, Qualität, Aufnahme: Hyperion, DDD, 1995
Beschreibung: Songs aus Harmonia Sacra & Orpheus Britannicus für Gesang & KlavierKünstler: Gritton, Lott, Walker, Bowman, Ainsley, Rolfe Johnson, Jackson, Keenlyside, Johnson
Track-Informationen: The Knotting Song
Fairest Isle
If music be the food of love
Turn then thine eyes
Music for a while
Pious Celinda
I'll sail upon the Dog-star
On the brow of Richmond Hill
Mad Bess
If music be the food of love
There's not a swain of the plain
Not all my torments
Man is for Woman made
Man is for Woman made
Sweeter than roses
I attempt from Love's sicknes to fly
I take no pleasure
Hark the ech'ing air!
Take not a woman's anger ill
How blest are Shepherds
Sound the trumpet
I spy Celia
Lost is my quiet
What can we poor females do?
No, Resistance is but vain
Shepherd, leave decoying
The Queen's Epicedium (1946)
The Blessed Virgin's expostulation (1947)
Saul and the Witch at Endor (1947)
Lord, what is man?
We sing to him
Evening Hymn
Job's Curse (1950)
A Morning Hymn
In the black dismal dungeon of despair
Miscellany of Songs (1971)
When Myra Sings (1971) (nach Purcell)
Let the dreadful engines of eternal will (1971)
Preis: 19,99 EUR
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