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Montag, 9. Dezember 2019

Hugh the Drover


Hugh the Drover

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Titel: Hugh the Drover
Kurz-Info: Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
Medium: CD
Label, Qualität, Aufnahme: Hyperion, DDD, 94
Beschreibung: Künstler: Bonaventura Bottone, Evans, Richard van Allan, Opie, Corydon Singers and Orchestra, Best
Track-Informationen: Buy, buy, buy! Who'll buy? (Akt 1)
Who'll buy my sweet primroses?
Cold blows the wind on Cotsall
Ballads! Buy my ballads, pretty ballads!
As I was a-walking one morning in spring
Bless me! What's this?
Show me a richer man in all this town
Clear the way. Clear the way. Clear the way for the hobby-horse
They're gone!...My husband that's to be!
Sweetheart, life must be full of care
Alone? Alone I would be as the wind and as free
Hey day! She will obey
Sweet little linnet that longs to be free
Horse hoofs, horse hoofs, thunder down the valleys
Mary, Mary, come back, come back, come back I say!
In the night-time I have seen you riding, riding
Mary! Mary!
Who'll fight? Who'll fight! A fight! Who's for a fight?
Brave English lads, lovers of manly sport
Down, down with John the butcher!
Alone and friendless, on this foreign ground I am to die
Are you ready? Go!
Hugh the drover!
Oh, the devil and Bonyparty
Past four o'clock, and dawn is coming
Gaily I go to die
Hugh! My dear one!
Rise up, my Mary; come away
Dear sun, I crave a boon
O I've been rambling all this night
Here, queen uncrowned, in this most royal place
The soldiers!
Dropped from the ranks on a winter night
Now you are mine!
Halloo! Halloo! Mary and Hugh!
Preis: 19,99 EUR
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