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Mittwoch, 29. März 2023

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The tours from Euridice Opera Travel - cultural events meet all your expectations and give you the utmost freedom of movement during your journey. We are at your service to create and realise your own personal tour project.
Weekend opera, travel & opera, opera & exhibition, opera & dance, opera & well-being...

Euridice Opera Travel - culturel events, the specialist in opera tours.

Euridice Opera Travel - cultural events guarantee:
- excellent show seats of top or second category
- a choice of the most beautiful hotels in the town centre close to the opera house
- convenient ticket reservation: more assured than on-line booking and less time consuming than visiting an agency
- a quality personnalized service: an experienced and understanding correspondant who follows your dossier
- personalized tours, we organise your tour according to your desires - destination, date and performances of your choice
- guaranteed departures, without a required minimum number of participants
- transport on regular flights which can be included or not in the fixed price according to your preferences.

You also have the luxury of altering the package - prolong, shorten, add features... within the condition of a minimum stay of two nights at the destination.

Euridice Opera Travel - cultural events also organise, if you so wish:
- your liaison journeys between the airport and hotel and the hotel and the Opera house
- your dinner during the interval
- your visit of the Opera house theatre wings
- your entry to the best exhibitions and museums
- your private tour guide
- supplementary shows: dance, theatre, concerts...
- your city-card.

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