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Osaka International Chamber Music Competition

17. Mai - 25. Mai 2011

The organizer will not provide any instrument other than two Steinways, one Yamaha and one Bosendorfer pianos, each tuned at a pitch of 442 and one Atelier Von Nagel harpsichord (French, double manual). For ensembles applying for the Festa, any instrument too laud and inappropriate for indoor music cannot be used. Using electric musical instruments is not permitted, except for those using built-in speakers alone. Vocal performances are not permitted, except for one vocal part in an instrumental ensemble.

The Competition & Festa comprises the following three categories:

  1. Section I: String Quartet (2 violins, viola and cello)
  2. Section II: Piano Trio (piano, violin and cello
  3. Festa: Chamber music ensembles consisting of two to six performers. The instrumental combinations are free.

Judgment in the Competition will be made during the 1st, 2nd and Final rounds. Evaluation in the Festa will be made at the Preliminary and Final rounds. All performances will be public.

The rights to record and broadcast the performances at these events belong to the Organizer, as do all rights regarding production, commercializing etc. of any resulting CDs, DVDs and tapes.

Any problems that may arise, regarding the Competition & Festa, shall be resolved in accordance with the original Japanese text and Japanese Law. The information regarding the event shown in the Rules and Regulations is subject to change, under unavoidable circumstances.

(Selbstdarstellung Osaka International Chamber Music Competition)

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Der Pianist Herbert Schuch im Gespräch mit klassik.com.

"Bei der großen Musik ist es eine Frage auf Leben und Tod."
Der Pianist Herbert Schuch im Gespräch mit klassik.com.

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