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Freitag, 5. Juni 2020

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Queen Elisabeth Competition

08. Mai - 15. Mai 2017

Andrey Baranov has won the 2012 violin competition. He receives a prize of 25.000 eur and the ?Huggins? Stradivarius (1708), on loan for a period of three years by the Nippon Music Foundation. Tatsuki Narita is second laureate, Hyun Su Shin is third laureate. Fourth laureate is Esther Yoo, fifth laureate Yu-Chien Tseng, who has also won both prizes of the public, and sixth laureate Artiom Shishkov. An overview of the prizes is presented in the violin 2012 menu. The six unranked laureates, in alphabetical order : Ermir Abeshi, Marc Bouchkov, Nikki Chooi, Dami Kim, Josef Spacek and Nancy Zhou. 2013 Piano: The Queen Elisabeth Competition is holding a competition for pianists from 6 May to 1 June 2013. This competition is for musicians who have completed their training and who are ready to embark upon an international career. The public rounds are preceded by a preselection round behind closed doors, based on the viewing of the DVDs submitted by the candidates. Candidates have to go to the Applications menu. More information for the public will be available as from January 2013. Tickets will go on sale mid-March 2013, subscriptions mid-February 2013.

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